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Jeanne is an intuitive consultant.  Her compassionate nature, her desire to serve the highest and the best in each person, and her authentic intention to provide insight and illumination in order to promote healing, is the foundation which helps her access information through her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant abilities. She guides and counsels clients, brings awareness and understanding, and offers new ways of seeing and being! Jeanne encourages conscious, creative, and constructive options!

Jeanne is an energy worker and an energy shifter. She channels healing energies by serving as a conduit of love and light. She directs and amplifies energies coming from her hands and her heart with the intention of bringing love, light, peace, power, presence and healing to the client in various ways (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually). Intuitively and instinctively she is guided to address the specific areas and issues which contribute to the discomfort and dis-ease of the client. Chakra balancing may be offered. Additionally, Jeanne offers distance energy work/remote healing services.



Jeanne is an inspirational public speaker! She loves sharing her powerful spirit-sparking, soul-shifting stories and experiences with others! She seeks to motivate and stir the energies of others so they are open, ready, and receptive when it comes to expecting and embracing miraculous, magical moments in their own lives. She heals, inspires, teaches, and entertains when sharing her messages with others! Prepare to be elevated and enlightened when attending one of her public speaking engagements!

Jeanne is a medium. She is able to connect and communicate with those on the other side, and can hear, feel, see, and share the information with clients. She attunes herself by prayerfully asking to serve as an instrument of peace and as a healing agent. Jeanne is honored to be supported by angels and guides as they help her make the energetic connections possible. Messages are delivered with love, compassion, empathy, tenderness, and tact.  


Jeanne is a spiritual teacher who helps others to heal with her classes, private sessions, and seminars. As a retired public school teacher, Jeanne has great joy as she teaches about spiritual topics!  She addresses the weaving of both the human and the divine aspect of being and offers guidance, direction, insights, options, and tools to help facilitate growth, expansion, and evolution. Life’s lessons lived and learned in the roles of both student and teacher are areas of main focus.


Jeanne is an angel card reader. While the presence of angelic beings of love and light are a natural part of Jeanne’s healing services, the use of angel cards serve her love of color, images, symbols, and art as vehicles of expression and form and make a perfect complementary medium because they visually illustrate and depict the content that has been brought to light. Often, after the angels have given Jeanne intuitive information for a client, they will reinforce the significance of their messages by having her use the angel cards which then serve to give confirmation to their healing messages.


Jeanne is a pet psychic. As a lifelong animal lover, Jeanne enjoys serving all creatures, great and small! When doing a pet reading, she “listens” to the animal, feels the energies in the energy field (body, mind, and spirit), and opens herself to receiving any information which will help the pet parent provide what is needed for happiness, healing, and balance.



Jeanne is a spiritual house cleaner. She energetically tunes into the energies of a home, business, or property. Jeanne assesses a space, provides information, proposes changes to placement of specific items and elements, clears and cleanses old stagnant energies, and blesses the home or business which improves the environment and elevates life-enhancing vibrations. The space, after the work is completed, feels clean, balanced and full of fresh new energy. If you want to buy or sell a home, you are seeking assistance with how to create a better business work environment, or you and your family members are experiencing paranormal activity which is disrupting the peace and presence of your loved ones and/or pets, invite Jeanne to come help you with your process. Jeanne has conducted these energy assessments and evaluations in the following circumstances: divorce; birth of a child; empty nest; a death has occurred in the home; drug/alcohol abuse; suicide; serious and/or sudden illness explained or unexplained; sudden changes in behavior by people or animals; property is up for sale and needs to clear out old energies to attract new home owner; just moved into a new home or rental and need to clear out previous occupant’s energy; house feels angry, sad, cold, and uninviting; paranormal activities such as movement of object, unexplained voices and noises, apparitions, smells, etc. are disturbing the peace of the occupants; business needs to attract new customers and/or business needs to reignite creativity of staff members.

Jeanne is inspiring, positive and a great listener.  She was able to connect to my departed husband (UNBELIEVABLE but SO accurate) and share messages that have helped me heal.  Jeanne's heart is huge and one I know that is authentic.

-Mindy M.

Scheduling Sessions


Call: 814-327-2435


In-Person Sessions are held at:

Manns Choice, PA

Boonsboro, MD


For In-home Visits/Hospital Visits, the client pays mileage and fee for session.

Fees for Services

Session Fees

$100/60 minutes

$60/30 minutes

Angel Card Readings

3 Card Reading

$30/15 minutes

Multiple Card Decks Reading

$60/30 minutes

Energetic Assessment of Home, Business, and/or Property

Fee dependent on square footage covered, quality of the energies to be removed, materials used, and travel costs. Client will be asked to send pictures of the space and to answer questions in order to help calculate the fee. Contact Jeanne to learn more.

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