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How I Work

As an intuitive consultant, energy worker, healer, and spiritual development teacher, I use my (clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairvoyant) abilities to discern the information I receive. I ask to serve as a healing instrument for the highest and best good of each client. I "tune in" and the authentic journey begins.

As a shaman, I am able to "journey" for people and gather pieces of healing information. I work with a wide variety of energies while journeying, some of which include those who have crossed over, angels, and totem animals. Their diverse energies provide me with valuable information, thus offering insight into the client's personal psyche and enabling me to provide compassionate illumination and insight.

I joyfully share my work as a teacher, writer and storyteller! I offer these experiences with Love and Light to provide inspirational presentations, seminars and workshops.


With Love, Light, Peace, Power, Presence, and Passion,


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