Jeanne is inspiring, positive and a great listener.  She was able to connect to my departed husband (UNBELIEVABLE but SO accurate) and share messages that have helped me heal.  Jeanne's heart is huge and one I know that is authentic.

-Mindy M.

About Jeanne

Jeanne’s intuitive skills and energy-based healing techniques are individualized for each person and animal. She asks to be used as an instrument of healing, love, and light, and by using a combination of her unique abilities, is able to assist clients with a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns. She offers insight, clarity, understanding, direction, and empowerment, under the direction of God, angels and spirit. At the conclusion of a session a person feels lighter, happier, and much more peaceful. Pain and discomfort are greatly diminished.

Insights from Jeanne

Evening Chakras Meditation - Unknown Artist
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Violet Flame Decrees - Unknown Artist
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Note: Jeanne is NOT a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist.  She does not claim to be a licensed health care provider of any kind.  Jeanne's work is NOT offered as a replacement or substitute for healthcare treatment with a licensed professional.  Jeanne does not take any clinical responsibility for the health, welfare or health care of any client.

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